The school has a big football and cricket ground having area 7122 Sq.m.where team spirit and healthy competitiveness goes hand in hand. Students play specific sports depending upon their interests and choices under the supervision of qualified instructor. For those who wish to play indoor games such as badminton, basketball etc a large indoor area is built. Activity areas for games like chess, carom, etc is also present. A variety of swings and other play equipments have been installed at appropriate places in ground where children enjoy during recess.



Classroom teaching gives information and knowledge to students, but insight formation takes place through real life experiences and interactions with personalities of different fields. So the students of this academy  are regularly exposed to knowledgeable persons whose words motivate and inspire them. Guest speakers enrich their attitudes, aptitude and critical thinking which help them become good citizens.

(ii) Science Exhibition

To speedup the scientific temperament of the students, the school encourages them to participate in Science Exhibition. The young scientists present models, projects, presentations etc. and with other schools


Quizzes help students to identify what they know and what they don’t know. They can also help students practise existing knowledge while stimulating interest in learning about new subject matter

 Quiz Rule:

The first round of the quiz will be in written form. One team selected from each houses on the basis of first round will go in next round. One round of the quiz will be related to India.  Each house will have one team with a maximum of 4 students, Rules and instructions regarding the individual rounds will be given on the spot.On the event of tie, answer to tie-breaker question will decide the winner.

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