Dear Parents, Remaining subjects of internal examination is postponed till further notice as per order from state government due to corona virus impact.--Principal

Welcome to Ram Prasad Singh Academy

The school has been serving the society in the field of education. Today it stands as a ‘Repository of learning’ and a patron of ‘quality Consciousness’ devoted to fosterning knowledge,self-discovery, human dignity and integrity. Distunction and diversity is the twin hall mark of the school imparts holistic and quality education characterized by throughness, heigh principle and a freedom, that help the students to grow in responsibility,self- reliance and the ability to make wise decisions. The pursuit of excellence accourding to each one’s potential with emphasis on learning by doing is so paramount importance. It rest on the positive belief that every persion has it him/her to enthusiastically ventured ento, adding in international dimension to the school curriculam. “International dialouge is the best gurantee to peace.” Global School partnership are a dynamic and exciting approach to global citizenship. In the process of achieving global standard and bulding future leader…Read More

Principal’s Message

Dear parents, young scholars and teachers, Education is no longer-limited to village, one state or one country. It is a global phenomenon the world has become a global village and we are determinde to create citizens of global standard. Thus we have decided to develop a global standard school matching the best in the segment in order to make it a world class school. We are in the process to introduce global education programme such as self Directed learning, Advance Educational Technologies, self Discovering. Teacher’s Training and all that is…Read More

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